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Hegel en/sobre America Latina



News vom 13.09.2022

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  • The bilingual workshop will consist of pre-reading texts and talks by the speakers. Registration is required by September 15. Es necesario inscribirse antes del 15 de septiembre.
  • The workshop will take Hegelian texts and themes across method, discipline, and tradition borders. The task is not simply to criticize and evaluate Hegel with some 'outsider' tradition or external ideas. However, analyzing and comprehending Hegel's ideas and notions within his system and philosophy means committing to an immanent critique. We aim to make visible and discuss Hegel’s views on Latin America in Latin America and, at the same time, to reexamine and reshape our understanding of Hegel in the global South.
Freie Universität Berlin
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
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