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Conditions for Research

Mitglieder des GRKs 2638 beim Jahreseröffnungswochenende 2021

Mitglieder des GRKs 2638 beim Jahreseröffnungswochenende 2021

In contrast to taught PhD programs, there is a low amount of coursework, and doctoral researchers are expected to actively participate in shaping the ideas and activities of the GRK. The research profile defined by the GRK provides a framework for the independent research projects undertaken by doctoral researchers. GKRs also differ from individual PhD projects in that they create a space for a group of doctoral researchers to work together, profit from discussions, and exchange with each other. While doctoral researchers are taken seriously as producers of knowledge, the GRK will ensure excellent supervision to enable each doctoral researcher to complete their degree within the three years of their funding. Each PhD student will be advised by two supervisors (either two professors of the GRK or one of the GRK's and one external professor). In addition, a range of qualification measures ensures the acquisition of academic and professional skills tailored to the specific profile of each doctoral researcher.

Within the GKR 2638, doctoral researchers are offered staff positions (instead of scholarships) at one of the participating universities for three years, and post-doctoral researchers will be hired for four and a half years. The quality of the staff positions accords with the respective rates of German Public Service Fare (TV-L E13; Docs are at 65%, Post-Docs at 100% of the entire fares), thus ensuring health care and social security coverage.

As the activities of the GRK take place in Berlin, permanent residency during the semester is demanded.

Freie Universität Berlin
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Universität der Künste Berlin