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Which persons are entitled to provide a letter of reference for the application?

To support the application for Doc- as well as for PostDoc-positions, please provide a letter of recommendation. In principle, any person who works as a lecturer at a university can write such a reference letter. If an applicant did the prior qualification with one of the GRK’s PIs it is possible to ask him or her for the reference letter as they will not assess the application during the internal review process. The reference letter could also come from the applicant’s current thesis supervisor. If you have already started the project that you intend to work on at the GRK with a supervisor outside the GRK, then please note this and provide evidence of support from your former supervisor.

Recommended Procedure

After saving and submitting your application in our online portal, the online system will request a reference from the referee. We kindly ask you to check yourself whether your referee has uploaded the reference letter to the application portal. Please access your application account and click on the small flag in the upper left corner of the screen. If you see a small checkmark, the reference letter has successfully been uploaded. A watch indicates that we have not received your reference letter.

Please get in touch with the respective reviewer if no letter was uploaded until 04 May 2021. The deadline for delayed submission of reference letters is 11 Mai 2021. Due to fairness reasons, applications without reference letters will not be considered after this date. We recommend to communicate the refereees the 4th of May as to when they upload their letter.

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