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How long ago may applicants have completed the degree that makes them eligible for admission to the GRK? Is there a maximum number of university semesters that one is allowed to have already taken?

So long as the applicant has the relevant qualifications, there is no limitation on how many years ago the qualifying degree was completed or how many university semesters the applicant has taken courses. If you are applying to the GRK 2638 and have not worked in academia for some time, it is advisable to include a statement on your professional career in your application.

The unifying element of the disciplines represented in the GRK 2638, as well as the basis of all research projects, is an intensive focus on theory. Applicants who have most recently worked in practically oriented professional fields should discuss their interest on the GRK 2638’s theoretical focus. Additionally, applicants should make clear that they are engaged with contemporary discourse on the research fields within the GRK 2638 that they intend to work on.

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