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What is the role of postdocs within the GRK 2638? Why are their positions set for 4.5 years?

The postdoc positions are designed for 4.5 years in order to enable researchers to complete a habilitation thesis or its equivalent. In addition, the postdocs should establish continuity between the individual cohorts of doctoral students. The role of the postdocs in the GRK 2638 will be to support the doctoral students and assist them with their projects. They will also be responsible for structuring and supervising the collaborative work of the GRK 2638 and will play an important role in shaping the scientific programme. The postdocs should also organize writing workshops, reading circles, and other small events. To this end, postdoctoral applicants should not only demonstrate the interdisciplinary compatibility of their project, but also its intrinsic interdisciplinary character.

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